Make Truro a Town that embraces the Fair Tax Mark

  1. Promote the Fair Tax Mark: The Fair Tax Mark is a kitemark awarded to businesses both large and small who demonstrate fairness and transparency in the tax they pay and you will see from our interactive map of Truro  and downloadable Shoppers Guide to Taxdodgers that there are a few businesses that have the kitemark. Fair tax is at the heart of society; without it there is no NHS, no schools for our children, no state pension nor any other public service. Yet too often it is positioned as a burden rather than a badge of citizenship and our anger  is wrongly directed at the most vulnerable and needy rather than taxdodgers who reduce the tax revenue sorely needed for public services and infrastructure.
  2. Sign our petition urging Cornwall Council to to include a new tax compliance measure into their procurement procedures when tendering contracts to private companies
  3. Urge your local town councillor and MP for Truro to champion the Fair Tax Town Pledge in any and every way they can, especially through their own contacts with local businesses
  4. Buy local! Local businesses are the lifeblood of the community. Money spent on local businesses stays in the area: their owners live in our community, spend their profits locally and source locally. If we each spend £5 more per week on local businesses  for every man, woman and child we could boost the local economy £115,000 a week (population of Truro 23,000 x 5). We also reduce our carbon footprint by buying from local producers rather than goods that are shipped in from all over the world. Key website: Totally Locally